Carbon Credit Capital has consistently developed reports, white papers and educational materials on carbon emissions reduction and climate change issues. These materials serve as great references to go carbon neutral! You can also subscribe our bi-weekly newsletter at the bottom of this page for the most recent news updates and trends within the voluntary carbon markets, carbon neutrality and corporate social responsibility.


Recent CCC Publications

      Consumer Survey on Low-Carbon Products (9 Studies Complied)

Eco-Consumer Preferences Report

Carbon Cutting: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Tips

 Carbon Offsets Under AB 32

 Climate Change Primer: Climate Change and Carbon Markets

E-waste Recycling and the Potential for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction




Recent CCC Blog Posts

Only Natural Pet Expands Carbon Neutral Product Offerings with Addition of PowerFusion™ Dry Food

With the addition of their PowerFusion™ products, Only Natural Pet now offers 45 products with net-zero climate impact. This spring, we teamed up with our partners at Only Natural Pet to calculate emissions from seven new dry food products. However, as … Continued


Follow up to Earth Day Initiative’s Earth Day NYC 2018 in Union Square

Reed Shapiro A few weeks ago Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) partnered with the Earth Day Initiative to help them mitigate and spread awareness about the environmental impacts of their event—namely, the greenhouse gas impacts.


CCC Newsletters

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We also select a few research reports developed by third parties which relate to climate change and carbon markets if you want to dig through these topics further.

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