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Ugastoves Efficient Cook Stoves


One Credit = One Metric Ton CO2e

Over 3.3 million people die every year from indoor air pollution caused by dirty cookstoves. Ugastoves provides the residents of Uganda with clean cookstoves with reduces fuel consumption. This saves the residents money, improves air quality, and reduces deforestation.



This Project Reduces Carbon Emissions While Supporting Local Communities

Welding industrial built-in stove
Welding industrial built-in stove

The Ugastove Project was launched in 2006, and aims to provide the residents of Uganda with clean cookstoves that reduce fuel consumption. All cookstoves are made by local manufacturers located in Kampala, Uganda, increasing job opportunities.

The project has positive impacts in the following areas:

  • Air quality
  • Employment
  • Access to energy service
  • Livelihood of the poor
  • Human and institutional capacity
  • Technical self-reliance

Your purchase of the carbon credits generated from the Ugastove Project will ensure the Project can provide more training programs to increase the number of skilled workers and to refine the cook stoves to bring increased efficiency to more people and the local environment.



Feedback from Ugastoves Efficient Cook Stoves Project Beneficiaries

More than 470,000 improved cook stoves have been provided to Ugandan households and schools

Over 2 million people are benefiting from lower energy costs and reduced indoor smoke pollution

Over 60 local Ugandan artisans are employed making the stoves


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For more info about this project and indoor air pollution, please visit Ashden Organization and Global Alliance for Clean Cookstove.

Additional Information


Location: Uganda
Program: Gold Standard
Annual Emission Reduction: 600,000 tCO2e
Registry: Markit


Carbon Credit Capital will only consider a carbon offset project if it clearly meets the following requirements:

  • Real: an offset must represent real emissions reductions that have already occurred (i.e. the reduction is not projected to occur in the future)
  • Additional: an offset must represent emission reductions that are in addition to what would have occurred otherwise in a business-as-usual scenario
  • Permanent: an offset must represent emission reductions that are non-reversible or must be sequestered for 100-years or more
  • Verifiable: sufficient data quantity and quality must be available to ensure emission reductions can be verified by an independent third party auditor (verifier) in accordance with an established protocol
  • Quantifiable: emission reductions represented by offsets must be reliably measured or estimated, and must be capable of being quantified
  • Enforceable: offset ownership is undisputed and enforcement mechanisms exist to ensure that all program rules are followed


Upon Purchase

You will obtain a certificate and a receipt of your purchase. You will become a member of our Carbon Credit Club automatically. The Credit Club aims to get more people moving towards to a low-carbon society and gives you recognition for doing so.

We will retire (remove from circulation) the voluntary credits that you purchase in your name. You will get a notification of the carbon credit retirement from us at the end of the financial quarter, which serves as proof of the transaction.

What’s next?

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