Household of Two Package


Monthly Carbon Emissions: 1.66 mt CO2e

This Household of Two Package offers flexible options to these households to go carbon neutral. Admit it, you live together and are being each other’s weakness and armor, and you want to give him/her the best.

One Offset Package = One Month’s Carbon Emissions



You two share the same living space to cook, to eat, to sleep, to watch TV, to host friends and family and more. You two also share the same carbon emissions generated from doing all of these things.

Home energy consumption, transportation activities and waste generated from your daily life are common carbon hot-spots within your household. The average annual household carbon emissions for these three hot-spots is 20 metric tons of CO2 equivalent (USEPA). You and your roommate, spouse, or significant other other generate 1.66 mt CO2e every month.

The Household package picks one of our low-carbon projects to offset your negative carbon impacts. Furthermore, you will help other individuals who live in rural areas enjoy a much deserved increase in standard of living.

What does 1.66 mt CO2e look like?

Additional Information


Supported Project: EKI Wind Power Project in India
Project Goal: Support wind power for electricity generation
Credit Unit Price: $12
Credit Duration: 1 year
Standard:  VCS


We curate our portfolio of carefully selected carbon offset projects spread across the globe to not only offer the most highly scrutinized, thoroughly verified offsets, but also to do the most good to the local communities in which each project is implemented. Whether a project provides financial benefits to local communities who gain full employment through our forestry project in Brazil; or providing free renewable energy to impoverished farmers in China, you can be sure to find credits that do more than just mitigate carbon emissions, but that also provide better lives to people who deserve it most.


Carbon Credit Capital will only consider a carbon offset project if it clearly meets the following requirements:

  • Real: an offset must represent real emissions reductions that have already occurred (i.e. the reduction is not projected to occur in the future)
  • Additional: an offset must represent emission reductions that are in addition to what would have occurred otherwise in a business-as-usual scenario
  • Permanent: an offset must represent emission reductions that are non-reversible or must be sequestered for 100-years or more
  • Verifiable: sufficient data quantity and quality must be available to ensure emission reductions can be verified by an independent third party auditor (verifier) in accordance with an established protocol
  • Quantifiable: emission reductions represented by offsets must be reliably measured or estimated, and must be capable of being quantified
  • Enforceable: offset ownership is undisputed and enforcement mechanisms exist to ensure that all program rules are followed


Upon Purchase

You will obtain a certificate and a receipt of your purchase. You will become a member of our Carbon Credit Club automatically. The Credit Club aims to get more people moving towards to a low-carbon society and gives you recognition for doing so.

We will retire (remove from circulation) the voluntary credits that you purchase in your name. You will get a notification of the carbon credit retirement from us at the end of the financial quarter, which serves as proof of the transaction.

What’s next?

Share with your family, friends and people around you. Let everyone know that you are making a difference!