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Green Composting


One Credit = One Metric Ton CO2e

How your food is grown matters. The food industry has shown to be quite energy intensive due to the intricacies of its systems. Fertilizer, in particular, is commonly used by farmers to speed the process of crop growth. Unfortunately, this practice can greatly impact the environment. Every 100 kilograms of fertilizer produces one kilogram of carbon emissions. With our populations steadily increasing, it is important to find alternatives to such effects. GECO Organic Waste Composting works to create organic soil that is healthier for you and the environment by using less or no fertilizer. By supporting this project, you directly contribute to re-building our basic agricultural industry and preserving the earth.



This Project Turns Chicken Manure into Organic Soil for Sustainable Agriculture

Soil is the foundation of any successful growing medium. Soil feeds and aerates your plants and is not just dirt. Soil is a live substanceCastleberry Chicken Manure_副本 filled with microorganisms (hundreds of millions per gram) that transforms organic matter into food that plants can digest. Only with good soil, can agriculture survive.
Growers today often spray chemicals to kill bad bacteria and till soil repeatedly. This practice kills beneficial creatures that live in the soil and as a result, there are not enough microbes to help plants breakdown nutrients and fend off disease. The result is a system that calls for more synthetic fertilizer to feed the plants and the use of environmentally harmful pesticides to control disease. This creates a vicious cycle of farming that depletes the earth and relies on chemicals made from and/or distributed by fossil fuels. Furthermore, fertilizer produces far more Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) that contributes to climate change than expected. After more than 1,000 field experiments, climate scientists calculated in the mid-2000s that the dirt dwellers spew about one kilogram of the greenhouse gas for every 100 kilograms of fertilizer, or roughly 1 percent.

The project, with a 70 acre facility in Castleberry Alabama, converts chicken manure, food waste and green waste to an organic soil amendment using a proprietary blend of microbes. The process automatically removes harmful GHG emissions from the atmosphere and thus generates carbon credits for offset. The finished product is sifted and can be distributed in a commercial spreader. Based on the project’s production capacity, this is the largest facility of its kind in the United States.

Castleberry-Weighing_副本The organic soil amendment produced from the project has the following positive impacts:

  • 100% Organic
  • Drought resistant
  • Balance PH of soil
  • Increased soil water retention up to 50%
  • Increased nutrient storage aiding fertilizer runoff control
  • Eliminate or reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides
  • Larger and stronger plant root systems resulting in healthier plants, trees and turf

By supporting this project you directly contribute to re-building our basic agricultural industry and preserving the earth. We believe in strong, sustainable, environmentally friendly farming built on sound organic restoration principals. So do you.


Feedback from GEC Organic Waste Composting Project Beneficiaries

“The results I have gotten with the GECO Compost were remarkable.  I conducted side by side testing for my winter greens and the difference in plant size was unbelievable.  The quality and volume of the radishes, turnips and different types of lettuce that were grown with the GEC product demonstrated better overall growth and fewer pests than with synthetic fertilizers.  I have started working directly with Chasing Fresh, a new farm to table produce delivery service and all indications are that there is a significant improvement in the taste of the vegetables which I have grown organically.”

—- Chip Bryars, Organic Farmer and Land Owner


“Modern day thought is that you can’t feed the world with organic farming. This is wrong.  Medium sized organic farms are far more productive than any industrialized model of agriculture and are sustainable. Our soil is being depleted at 13 times the rate it can be replaced”.

—  Andrew Kimbrell, Executive Director of the Center for Food Safety





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Additional Information

Location: Alabama, United States
Program: CDM Gold Standard
Annual Emission Reduction: 8,225 tCO2e
Registry: Markit


Carbon Credit Capital will only consider a carbon offset project if it clearly meets the following requirements:

  • Real: an offset must represent real emissions reductions that have already occurred (i.e. the reduction is not projected to occur in the future)
  • Additional: an offset must represent emission reductions that are in addition to what would have occurred otherwise in a business-as-usual scenario
  • Permanent: an offset must represent emission reductions that are non-reversible or must be sequestered for 100-years or more
  • Verifiable: sufficient data quantity and quality must be available to ensure emission reductions can be verified by an independent third party auditor (verifier) in accordance with an established protocol
  • Quantifiable: emission reductions represented by offsets must be reliably measured or estimated, and must be capable of being quantified
  • Enforceable: offset ownership is undisputed and enforcement mechanisms exist to ensure that all program rules are followed

Upon Purchase

You will obtain a certificate and a receipt of your purchase. You will become a member of our Carbon Credit Club automatically. The Credit Club aims to get more people moving towards to a low-carbon society and gives you recognition for doing so.

We will retire (remove from circulation) the voluntary credits that you purchase in your name. You will get a notification of the carbon credit retirement from us at the end of the financial quarter, which serves as proof of the transaction.

What’s next?

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