Our clients case study divingA member client of the Carbon Neutral Checkout™ program, located in Hawaii. Wild Side offers exotic wildlife tours and enjoys a good reputation among customers. Wild Side Specialty Tours allows people to observe beautiful oceanic animals up close and in some cases clients can dive with the animals. Wild Side takes special care that their operations are not disruptive, nor harmful to the wildlife they allow adventure-goers to see.

Carbon emissions can be absorbed by the ocean. When the carbon dioxide dissolves in the ocean, carbonic acid is formed. This leads to higher acidity, mainly near the surface, which has been proven to inhibit shell growth in marine animals and is suspected as a cause of reproductive disorders in some fish.

Wild Side was established out of a passion for the ocean. When considering the direct impact their carbon emissions from burning diesel fuel have on marine life, they wanted to do more to mitigate their carbon footprint on top of providing sustainable, nature-friendly tours.LOGO-10-OB

We’ve calculated the emissions that result from the fuel Wild Side burns annually, and they purchase offsets to nullify those emissions – achieving net-zero emissions. Wild Side purchases carbon offsets on an annual basis, which allows them to offer carbon neutral exotic wildlife tours, which customers enjoy, and more importantly ensures they are running a truly sustainable company!