All businesses are eligible to become members of Carbon Credit Capital’s Carbon Neutral Checkout™ program. Climate change is a global problem – we deliver a global solution for everyone.


For Goods


Bronze Level: 5-14 points earned

Silver-2016Silver Level: 15-33 points earned


Gold Level: 34 points earned





Following the PAS 2050 Standards, we have summarized the following items to measure your product’s carbon footprint and have scored them based on their importance. You will obtain points for providing the required information of an item. For example, you will get 5 points for providing your monthly utility bill from your factory and offsetting those carbon emissions.

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Items (Annual-based) Points
Energy (manufacture) 5
Energy (all supplier(s)) 4
Fuel (manufacturer to warehouse) 4
Fuel (supplier to manufacturer) 5
Fuel (raw material to supplier) 2
Raw material source 4
Packaging (raw material) 2
Packaging (processed material) 2
Packaging (final product) 3
Packaging (bulk packaging of the product when sent out) 3
Total 34



For Services


Silver Level


Gold Level



You will obtain Silver Membership if you can provide us with your service location’s monthly utility bill and offset the calculated carbon emissions. As services vary from business to business, to earn a Gold Membership, we will develop a customized checklist of your carbon emissions sources, and you will need offset them all.

Take an event, for example. The items listed are general sources of an event’s carbon emissions. Gold Level Members offset all items listed in the carbon emissions inventory:

Silver Level Items Gold Level Items

(service location)


(own property)



(own fleet)

(employee commute)



(consumed products)



If you are not sure about which level you can earn for either products or services, feel free to reach us via email at info@carboncreditcapital or by phone +1-212-470-1343.