There is much the industrial sector can do to reduce carbon emissions, however, every individual makes contributions to energy consumption and CO2 emissions that, when taken together add up to an enormous negative impact. Individuals can play a considerable role in reducing carbon emissions globally. Living a more sustainable life as an individual often means fewer costs and more savings.

Are you ready to explore a low-carbon life?


Tips for Low Carbon Life

 – Know Your Body and Your Food 

 – Turn Waste into Value 

 – Save the energy with Different Means 

Besides the above, you can also do something to your water heating system and your transportation habits.  Want to know more tips about a low-carbon life to save money and have a low-carbon healthy life? Click here for the full version of Tips for Carbon Reduction.



Lead A Low-Carbon Lifestyle – Purchase Carbon Credits

Purchase Carbon Credits: Carbon offsets are a proven means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and are typically the only way to become carbon neutral after you have done what you can to reduce your household’s carbon footprint. Purchasing carbon credits finances projects that reduce or destroy greenhouse gases, and are verified by accredited, independent third parties.


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