Carbon Credit Capital is a leader in carbon offset projects and has been an active participant in the carbon markets since 2006. In the past we have developed several high-quality carbon mitigation projects and continue to be involved in emission mitigation projects around the world through our strong partnerships with several project developers. We buy and sell voluntary carbon credits generated under the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism), VCS (Voluntary Carbon Standard) and Gold Standard, depending on the demand and supply of such credits within the market.

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We Can Help You With

Carbon Neutral Checkout™

Make your products carbon neutral with NO direct cost. We use the highest standards and the best practices to help your products shine.

Measures your organization’s carbon footprint for free with our carbon footprint calculator for businesses.  Offset the calculated carbon emissions on the spot and become a member of the Green-Lite program.

Customized Carbon Accounting

We can develop customized carbon accounting tools to easily calculate your carbon emissions. Talk to us if you have specific requirements.