CCC-CNC-PNGIn today’s world every business needs a sustainable business plan.

We have designed the Carbon Neutral Checkout initiative to be a cost and time effective model regardless of your size, structure, financial constraints, or current sustainability initiatives.

You work hard every day to reduce what consumption you can, Carbon Neutral Checkout allows you to get public recognition for doing either a little, or a lot – we can even help make your products carbon neutral – it’s up to you!



We Give You The Power To:

  • Increase brand strength
  • Demonstrate business leadership
  • Distinguish products and services from others
  • Be a climate change solution as opposed to source
  • Understand product, service, value-chain carbon footprints
  • Exemplify responsibility to society and consumers

Our Approach

We follow the most comprehensive international standards to measure your product’s carbon footprint from cradle-to-gate, and provide you with an understanding of your product’s environmental impact. You can take a look at our measuring standard to learn more. To the right is a chart that will help you visualize just how many different factors contribute to your products carbon footprint. We can help you mitigate any single one of them, or all of them!

How Does It Work?

The first step is to decide whether you want to bring one product, or your whole product line into the program – whether you want to simply become a member by offsetting some of your products’ emissions, or whether you want to offset your entire footprint to go carbon neutral.

We work with you to collect product data which generally consists of utility bills, material inputs, and fuel used in distribution. Upon completion, we measure the carbon footprint of everything within your chosen boundary.

Finally, you decide how to integrate offsets into your products or services – we provide several payment and integration options. In an effort to make the program more financially feasible for all, we give you capabilities to build the cost into the products you sell, usually for only pennies per unit. To make membership even better, we provide complementary specialized social media tagging QR codes to reach consumers’ personal networks, certificates of authenticity, and press releases with distribution to 10,000 conscious consumers worldwide through our Newsletter!

Let’s Get Started Now!


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