Think about a car in the sun, and liken greenhouse gases to the windows and windshield. If the windows of the car are rolled down, the car traps less heat and is cooler – if the windows are all the way up, the car traps more heat and is hotter. Similarly, if there are less greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the Earth will be cooler – if there are more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, Earth gets warmer. Examples of infants and pets left in a car on a hot day with the windows up, unfortunately, abound. In these cases, the beings in question cannot adapt to the changes in temperature as quickly as they happen, and as a result can perish. If effective action to keep our “car” from getting too hot isn’t taken over the course of the next 1-2 decades, all of humanity will be likened to both the negligible parent, and the overheating baby.

Solutions to Climate Change

closed-925481We are on the hot seat. It could end up that we have summer all year round, and everyone is tan and warm and happy. We could just as easily add a 6th mass extinction to our résumé of human accomplishments. If you would like to avoid the latter, scientists suggest that here are some ways to do so:

  • Replace dirty fossil fuel energy with renewable energy and increase energy efficiency
  • Upgrade and retrofit infrastructures
  • Stop cutting down trees that can absorb greenhouse gases
  • Conserve & cultivate natural resources
  • Move closer to work and use mass transit
  • Reduce consumption

However, the above solutions that require careful design or policy support to obtain the result. For instant actions and quick contribution, offset your carbon footprints is the solution.


Why Care About Climate Change?

While warming is the root issue, it drives sea level rise, ocean acidification, biodiversity loss, declines in human health, resource scarcity, and socio-economic volatility as derivatives. As we continue to add carbon into the atmosphere, and for every degree Celsius we warm, our planets systems are expected to begin to fail in the following ways: