Carbon Credit Capital LLC is a carbon offset management firm. We specialize in linking international and local partners to high-quality carbon emission reduction projects in developing and domestic markets. We work to reduce carbon emissions, provide climate education, and achieve sustainability goals with corporations, non-profits, small businesses, and universities.


Carbon Credit Capital’s mission is to use our extensive expertise to:

• Increase global understanding of climate change and adoption of carbon emissions reductions strategies

• Effectively help corporations, universities, non-profits, and individuals reduce their carbon footprints and meet sustainability goals.

• Develop sustainability projects that support local communities


With ten years of experience and industry expertise, we proudly offer one of the best carbon management services available. If you don’t think any of our flagship offerings fits your needs, we will customize one for you. We currently have the following services to help you go carbon neutral:


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Carbon Neutral Checkout™ is a complete carbon management solution for all businesses. With the potential for no additional cost to a business, the program and its certifications help in developing a firm’s eco-conscious brand, satiating the ever growing customer preference for sustainable and environmentally friendly products, as well as measures your entity or organization’s operational carbon footprint. It is a quick way to understand your carbon hotspots throughout your entire business’ operations and offset them to any extent you please right away.

Customized Carbon Accounting Tools are based on internationally recognized standards such as the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO), among others.

The Wholesale Brokerage is equipped with a high-quality project portfolio for your purchase and is capable of sourcing offsets to your specific needs.


Management Team

Carbon Credit Capital’s team includes individuals with expertise in climate change, sustainable business,
carbon finance, carbon markets, low-carbon project development, and relevant regulations and policies.


Olivia Fussell

Founder and Managing Director

Olivia is an energy and environmental leader with a 15-year history of dedication and insight on global environmental policy and finance,
as well as, expertise in carbon finance, carbon offsets, and corporate sustainability. Olivia also has an established entrepreneurial track record as Founder of Fussell Development Corp Founder and President of Climate.IQ® – a research, analysis, and technology development firm focused on climate risksCo-founder of the Council of Alumni for Social Enterprise, and Manager of Pro-Natura, U.S. a Non-Government-Organization (NGO) tackling social, economic and environmental problems that face rural communities in the Developing World with headquarters in Paris.

Reed Shapiro

Director of Business Development

Reed leads CCC’s business development activities and is responsible for the Company’s client relations, sales outreach and account management of corporate GHG mitigation to both local and international businesses. He also manages public relations and communications including social media, website development, and direct client engagement.

Pianpian Wang

Legal Analyst

Pianpian co-manages the research and carbon accounting associated with U.S. corporate GHG emissions. She is also a leading contributor to the current Company research on North American GHG regulations and policies state and nation-wide.  Pianpian also plays a key role in developing the Company’s relationship with the Chinese carbon markets.