Recap: CCC at 1% for the Planet’s Global Summit

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Reed Shapiro

Two weeks ago, we attended 1% for the Planet’s annual gathering of businesses and individuals—the Global Summit. We were asked to help the organization (and member businesses in attendance) offset the emissions of the event. Little did we know before attending, we walked away from the event with more than mitigated greenhouse gases.

Much of the days’ activities involved keynote speakers and panels, and attending group workshops. All discussions focused on making the most out of the donations we contribute to environmental non-profits. Is your partnership (with companies to whom you make donations) working favourably for your brand; is your partner responsive, accepting of your support? Are you telling the most authentic story about not only your 1% for the Planet membership, but your brand story as well? These were the sorts of questions we asked ourselves throughout the day.

I was able to catch up with Torrey Udall, of Protect Our Winters (POW), a collaborator of ours for over a year now. There were critical takeaways from a breakout session with Boxed Water is Better’s CMO, Robert Koenen. The insight stressed the importance of picking the right non-profit partners.—Pick partners who will be excited to work with us, and who will support our brand as we do theirs. There were a variety of other insights gleaned from the conversations and sessions of the day. However, I won’t share here, as we’re still trying to figure out how to distil them internally.

At the end of the day, it was great to be in a room with 199 other individuals and business owners who have a shared goal of bettering the world we live in through the work we do.


Photo Credit: 1% for the Planet


We Also Offset Some Carbon Emissions

After a long day’s worth of information to take in, CCC set up shop during the 1% for the Planet Global Summit happy hour to help individuals and business owners offset the carbon emissions associated with their attendance to the summit. We broke attendance down into three emissions categories: East Coast, Mid-West, and West Coast. Attendees flying in from the east coast had the largest carbon footprint. The west coast attendees came in a close second. This leaves those travelling from the mid-west as the lowest emitters (besides those who lived or worked in Boulder).

Between offsetting the emissions of the 1% for the Planet team and the 20 individuals and businesses who offset their attendance, we were able to mitigate just over 19 metric tonnes of Greenhouse Gas. The 1% for the Planet team accounted for just upwards of 8 metric tonnes for the whole show. Between the rest of the guests in attendance, we were able to offset over 10 metric tonnes of CO2-e. That’s equivalent to planting just under 500 trees and allowing them to grow for 10 years.


Company Shout-Outs

As is a tradition at Carbon Credit Capital, we’d like to call out the businesses who took action at the event. The companies who offset with us at Global Summit are great in their own right. However, their commitment to offset their emissions showcases their seriousness about being a better brand. We highlight them here to show that when you take action as an individual or as a business it does not go unnoticed.


Duct Tape Then Beer

DTTB creates virtual and visual experiences that strengthen and nurture relationships with the natural world. They work with brands and not-for-profits that believe we will all be better off when more people explore the outdoors and develop a personal connection to wild places.

Cove Continuity Advisors

Cove, run by husband-and-wife duo Bernie and Christie Geiss, is a financial planning and insurance underwriting firm with a twist: their services do not focus solely on wealth generation, but on the long-term planning that allows one to not only maintain wealth, but to do so without the negative side effects of wealth such as issues of entitlement within the family, breakdowns in communication and relationships, lack of motivation in next-generation members and unbridled consumerism. Instead, Cove delivers value-based legacy building using economic success to support a sense of purpose that is shared by everyone in the family business system.

Boxed Water is Better

You may have seen Boxed Water, or Boxed Water is Better at music festivals, public events, or somewhere on social media. The company operates with simplicity in mind: provide pure water, without plastic. It just so happens that providing water in a box is a lot more sustainable than in a bottle of plastic. Boxed Water plants a tree every time one of their customers takes a picture with the box and uploads it on social media. To-date, the company has facilitated the planting of over 700,000 trees and counting.

Great Wild & Co.

Bud Simpson, Great Wild’s founder, was the first 1% for the Planet business member of the day to offset his trip to Boulder. Great Wild & Co., somewhat similar to Duct Tape Then Beer, works with businesses, organizations, and non-profits to inspire others to explore nature and preserve the “great wilds” of the world. The production company creates award-winning documentaries and film productions, as well as conducts filmmaker bootcamps around the world.


Elefant is a machine learning firm aimed at helping investors make better decisions through improved pricing transparency. Their objective process leads to consistent outcomes and a smarter way to commit capital when serving investors. While most people think of Terminator when they hear Artificial Intelligence, Elefant is making this powerful technology work for the good of humanity, and as a member of 1% for the Planet, and a pending B-Corp, they’re backing it up with action.


DoneGood curates a wide variety of consumer products in an e-commerce portal, similar to Amazon, except there’s one key difference: every product sold on DoneGood’s platform comes from an “underdog” as opposed to a big-box corporation. When you shop at DoneGood, not only are you getting the goods or wares you need, but you’ll also be improving the lives of people, the quality of life for communities, and the state of the environment around the world. Everything on the platform is unique, simple, natural, and good.


Loll Designs

Loll produces recycled plastic furniture and accessories out of mostly milk jugs. The company recycles about 400 jugs per chair. With each round of production, Loll takes waste that pollutes our shared environment, and turns it into useful, beautifully designed products for your home.

Prosper for Purpose

Prosper for Purpose was launched in January 2013 to help organizations engage, inspire and transform relationships with their publics. Their management has more than 25 years of experience working with companies, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, print and broadcast media. Prosper for Purpose, like Cove Continuity Advisors (and soon Elefant) is a member of 1% for the Planet, as well as one of the first communications Certified B-Corporations.

Evolution Marketing

Evolution Marketing specializes in environmental communication, eco-friendly marketing and sustainable strategies. They assist organizations of all sizes in communicating their sustainability message to employees, customers and other business associates. Evolution Marketing’s goals are to help businesses effectively communicate the types of environmental practices, products and services companies have to offers.

Sojourn Explorers

Sojourn was born out of founder Maria Baltazzi’s cathartic experience walking marathons around the world in support of causes like cancer and HIV/Aids research. Sojourn creates special adventures for those who love to travel and want to give back. A portion of the proceeds of every trip taken goes to their 1% for the Planet non-profit partners.

The Tempest Two

One of the keynote speakers of the day, the two friends (Tom & James) who bucked common sense and rowed themselves 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean with no prior training or experience in rowing (save for an 18-month sprint to get prepared), make up the Tempest Two. Pretty cool gig. They ride, row, climb, hike, and trek their way around the world, with no experience or much know-how with regard to the activities they’re doing. However, their message is powerful: even two ordinary guys from London can get up off their asses and do incredible things. So, the next time you’re feeling lazy, check them out, and go make the change you want to see in the world!


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