1% for the Planet Partners with Carbon Credit Capital to Offset Attendees’ Carbon Impact

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April 12, 2018

Boulder, Colorado


CCC Helps Offset 1% for the Planet’s Global Summit 2018 Event Through Business and Individual Members


Today, we are in beautiful Boulder Colorado to attend and help make 1% for the Planet’s Global Summit carbon neutral. We are very proud to be a part of this network of businesses donating 1% of top-line revenue to drive climate finance and action. We are even more proud to be able to represent 1% for the Planet as an offset partner for todays event. After joining as a business member this past December, both Carbon Credit Capital, and the 1% team were eager to collaborate. This has culminated in CCC offsetting the entire 1% for the Planet team’s travel and accommodations. 


What Exactly is the Global Summit?

Global Summit is 1% for the Planet’s annual gathering of both business and individual members. The event celebrates the shared environmental commitments each member (whether business or individual) makes, and focuses on how we can be even more impactful as a network. Throughout the day, businesses will share insights and stories, connect and network, and walk away with fresh best practices to implement in their day-to-day operations.

This year marks the second Global Summit 1% for the Planet has organized. The agenda is jam packed with key note speakers, panels, and discussions with topics ranging from: Whether or not we can reverse climate change; to learning how to make membership to 1% for the Planet most impactful for the world, and most beneficial to your brand; to the power of authenticity in story telling. The list goes on, and the people delivering the content are the business owners and operators who live these best practices out every day.


More Than Just Discussion: A Chance to Take Action

Amidst all of this hype and excitement towards collaboration, CCC will also be on-site throughout the day to help 1% for the Planet get those in attendance to offset the estimated emissions associated with their participation for the week. We will also be available to assist individuals and interested businesses in offsetting their personal and corporate (or product) emissions. Ideally everyone in attendance offsets their emissions by the end of the day to make the whole event carbon neutral. However, we know that either way you skin this cat, Global Summit is a veritable launch-pad for impactful action and collaboration in the 12 months to come!




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