Carbon Credit Capital Featured on The Emerald Planet

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Back in July of this year, Carbon Credit Capital was featured on the show The Emerald Planet, in Washington D.C. 

Reed Shapiro, Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”)’s Director of Business Development, was interviewed by Dr. Sam Hancock of The Emerald Planet. Reed talked about carbon credits, carbon markets and our innovative Carbon Neutral Checkout® program at the show! Check out the recorded video to watch the interview!





About The Emerald Planet

The EmeraldPlanet International Foundation (the EmeraldPlanet) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization with its headquarters and television production studios in Washington, D.C. USA. Created in 1973, the EmeraldPlanet’s activities include the identification of 1,000 best practices as these pertain to: environment quality; severe climate change; protection and enhancement of land, air, and water quality; identification of innovative, sustainable, and resilient ‘green’ technologies, services, products, and processes; promotion of renewable energy sources; among other efforts to foster the nexus of economic, environmental, and community development.




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