Carbon Credit Capital and Macroclimate Team Up to Offer Carbon Free Investing

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As of last week, Carbon Credit Capital has added its name to the list of companies helping to advance “Fossil Free” investing with fellow B-Corp – Macroclimate.


Macroclimate is building on the momentum of Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, Stanford University, and even the whole State of California who have kicked off a trend of institutional investors divesting from coal and other carbon intensive assets to the tune of over $5 trillion.


For a long time, while institutional investors had the resources to determine which fossil-free investments to make, they did not always do so (and some still don’t). Furthermore, this level of information was not available to the individual investor. Enter the publication of Fossil Free Funds, and Carbon Underground 200 (a comprehensive list of the most fossil intensive holdings, and companies owning the largest fossil fuel related assets), which allowed individual investors to gain insight to these questions for the first time ever. Following these publications, Macroclimate launched their digital advisory service with diversified institutional-grade fossil-free investments to make fossil fuel divestment something tangible and accessible for the individual investor.


With studies showing that fossil-fuel investments do not contribute to stock market returns over the long run, and a new ability to diversify investments all while knowing they are low carbon or “fossil free,” Macroclimate stands to help accelerate the movement of divestment by individual investors.


In a show of support, Carbon Credit Capital is now offering to its members – for a limited time only – the opportunity to start investing fossil free with Macroclimate with just $10,000 – dropping the standard minimum investment from $50,000. In addition, Macroclimate is supporting CCC’s offset projects through their commitment to 1% for the Planet.


Check it all out here.



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