Carbon Credit Capital Established Strategic Partnership with Green Me Locally

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Last week Carbon Credit Capital, a carbon offset and carbon footprint management firm based in Manhattan, entered into partnership with Green Me Locally, a global, community driven directory of green businesses, resources, and green living information.


Green Me Locally (GML) is owned and operated by Ms. Tara LaSalla, who hopes the platform will facilitate connections between businesses who either are looking to “go green,” or who are green product and service providers in business to help others reduce their environmental impact and improve the lives of others, whether locally or globally. In addition, Green Me Locally serves as a resource for individuals to find businesses, products, and services that are good for them and the environment.


The platform is, as previously mentioned, an international operation, allowing an individual in China, and a business in Germany, for example, to collaborate, support, and supply one another. This type of operational model is very timely as the world continues to globalize and businesses begin to consider target markets internationally as opposed to solely domestically. Collaborations of this nature are great, not just for the businesses and individuals who end up coming together on Green Me Locally, but also for the overarching industry sectors and causes those companies and people support on a macro level. Green companies who see a competitor make a splash internationally will have empirical evidence as to whether there is demand for their products and services; consumers who cannot find a specific product or service near them will be able to search the globe for a solution.


Carbon Credit Capital (CCC) realizes the value of Green Me Locally’s model, in that CCC is constantly looking for opportunities to show the world how emissions reductions can be made much more affordably for a much larger number of people and companies. Thus, at the crux of the partnership, CCC is acting as a type of go-to resource for Tara and her consulting and match-making endeavors.


CCC will afford Green Me Locally the ability to point companies interested in understanding and reducing their own emissions in the right direction. Specifically, CCC brings the capacity to help companies calculate their operational, product and service carbon footprints, pair those operations, products and services with emissions reductions, sell carbon neutral products and services, and earn carbon neutral company and product line certifications. CCC will also bring its carbon offset project development expertise to the table for any company wishing to create its own emissions reductions. Individuals will be served by CCC’s capacity to create and customize carbon offset packages and products to fit the needs of anyone.


Together Carbon Credit Capital and Green Me Locally stand to increase both awareness and action regarding reducing and mitigating greenhouse gases on a global scale. When times call for overwhelming action, it is partnerships like these that facilitate execution and scaling of efforts that will make a difference.


Keep your eyes peeled for partnerships that result from this collaboration between CCC and GML – if we have anything to say about it – there will be plenty to come!





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