Carbon Credit Capital and Hypenica Partner to Offset Impactful Construction Events

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Carbon Credit Capital recently entered a partnership with Hypenica to help offset the impact of its three events in the construction field:

KZN Construction Trade Expo 22 – 23 February 2017, Durban, South Africa

African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo 23 – 24 May 2017, Johannesburg, South Africa

Cape Construction Expo 15 – 16 August 2017, Cape Town, South Africa


Hypenica is an international media group that enjoys its reputation on promoting new opportunities and enabling more effective business in the concrete and construction, transport infrastructure and agriculture sectors. 


One of Hypenica’s organizational values is innovation, which means that this group has a desire and ability to venture into new and groundbreaking areas of opportunity in order to continuously improve. This desire for improvement also makes Hypenica open to innovative ideas and concepts that fulfill its mission, and that will mitigate carbon emission impacts.

Carbon Credit Capital understands Hypenica’s desires and develops solutions to make events go carbon neutral. In collaboration, Carbon Credit Capital and Hypenica have created a way for Hypenica’s event exhibitors to offset their carbon footprint generated from attending each expo.


The collaboration allows exhibitors to eliminate the carbon emissions they generate from travelling to and from the show; shipping brand materials, products, and booth equipment to and from the show; staying at hotels; eating food and consuming materials which are sent to waste. The overall carbon emissions generated when an exhibitor attends a Hypenica event is about 1 metric ton of Carbon Dixoide or the equivalent (CO2e).


Exhibitors can go to Carbon Credit Capital’s Credit Store to purchase the “Exhibitor Package – For Hypenica Events.” The money from every purchase will support projects that reduce carbon dioxide globally, and which neutralize the impact of the greenhouse gases released by exhibitors when they attend Hypenica events.


By integrating the concept of carbon neutral expositions into the event, Hypenica’s events will be more carbon responsible than ever before.



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