Carbon Credit Capital Speaks at Greentech Investors Forum

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On Nov. 11, Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) was invited to attend the Greentech Investor Forum. Leo Leibovitch, on behalf of the company, talked about low carbon projects and how the projects can help tackle the impacts of climate change at the event as a guest speaker.




As Carbon Credit Capital’s Project Director, Leo has abundant experience on emission reduction project development and carbon credit markets. He pointed out that, while given recent progress on the international front to have governments tackle global climate change issues, these efforts are increasingly seen by the society at large as insufficient to get to a “2-degree world”. Therefore, it is obvious that private sector must do its part to mitigate the negative effects of their carbon footprint impact. The implementation challenge, however, has been the cost of engaging in such climate-friendly activities, which is especially high and sometimes prohibitive for small- and medium size businesses, which constitute the main target audience for CCC services.

CCC proposes a suite of unique and innovative solutions to not only help such businesses that are interested in doing good for the environment but cannot afford to, but also to engage their customer base to make them a part of the solution as well. The secret lies in the price sharing mechanism, where carbon offsets are paid for in part by consumers of given businesses’ goods or services, thus alleviating the burden from the organization budgets while at the same time boosting corporate bottom lines.




Several studies have shown over time that customers are more and more inclined to pay a premium for environmentally-friendly products, so it is up to the businesses to deliver such offering in the innovative ways. CCC helps them reach that goal without straining their wallets. The audience at the event has reacted positively to the demonstration of how this can be achieved by way of an example of a ride-sharing service offering “carbon-neutral” trips and the respective cost breakdown. The attendees have shown a particular interest to how this model can be applied to and scaled up in a variety of business settings and different industries worldwide. Their interest was further substantiated during a lively discussion that followed for about an hour after the event concluded.


Photos are kindly provided by Greentech Investors Forum and Sidley Austin.


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