[Full Movie] Why You Should Watch Before the Flood?

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Here are the reasons that you should not miss Before the Flood:


Leo Leibovitch, Project Director

“It is amazing to me how a scientific phenomenon increasingly translates into a very tangible human impact. Mankind as a whole is affected by climate change more and more, as it touches upon so many aspects of people’s day-to-day lives — not just on some abstract macro- or global level — but here and now.”



Alis Arditi, Business Development

“Even I do work in this field, I realized how much I don’t know about it in this documentary. I learned a lot and I have a lot to learn. Every scene of the movie has impacted me but I will highlight some of them.333

The fact that global warming or climate change was known for decades but was not a concerned subject until few years makes me frustrated
. We could have done something and avoid catastrophes.

In the scene at the Canadian Arctic when Leo and the explorer where looking to narwhals swimming, the explorer said, “I don’t want to be in a planet without these animals.” I don’t want that either; I don’t want to show the animals that I have seen to the next generations in the museums.

One of the facts told in the documentary was that, 1 citizen of US electricity consumption at home equals to 2.2 citizens in Japan, 10 citizens in China, 34 citizens in India and 61 citizens in Nigeria. People in the US are consuming more and it’s a fact that they will not change their lifestyle to emit less. It’s obvious that no one will change their life style but each of the people can do a small thing, change their energy to renewables or buy carbon credits to reduce their overall emissions.”



Pianpian Wang, Legal and Policy

“It is difficult to ignore those orangutan’s eyes that survived in a huge forest fire brought by climate change effects. They are innocent but have to suffer from losing home and habitats, together with other species. Human beings are not the only species existed in the world, but we always forget that.”



Reed Shapiro, Director of Business Development

“There was an interesting scene detailing the first published science on climate change as early as the 1950’s. This is an issue that grew as a needle in a haystack of other issues. It went from nothing, to being associated with hippies, gained notoriety in the 80’s during the ozone crisis, the science matured in the ’90s through today, and only now is it becoming more of a mainstream issue – it was hardly covered in the US elections (most likely for purposes of remaining popular amongst a divided electorate). It’s taken us 60+ years to wake up, but we still have to get out of bed, take a shower, put clothes on, commute and get to work – the dial hasn’t moved in any way that matters.”



Yuanrong Zhou, Carbon Accounting Analyst

“Whether you see it or not, the environment and climate on Earth is changing – this is undeniable. It is time for us all to make efforts to prevent any further irreversible changes.”


Olivia Fussell, President of Carbon Credit Capital

“I was moved to DO SOMETHING.”



Ladies and gentlemen, the wolf of climate change is at the door!



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