Carbon Credit Capital and Jilcat Industrial Marketing Group Announce Partnership

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Carbon Credit Capital, an innovative carbon offset management firm located in New York recently established a partnership with Jilcat Industrial Marketing Group (JIMG), a service provider located in Nevada offering the full line of Jilcat 85 Proline Ultra Friction Reducing products manufactured by Petron Plus.


With over 35 years of proven and tested performance in military, government and Fortune 100 company applications demonstrating reduced fuel, energy , emissions and waste, JIMG has shown clients how they can reduce the operating costs of their auto, truck, or mechanical manufacturing equipment.


As an active player in domestic and international voluntary market since 2006, Carbon Credit Capital has consistently engaged with the business sector to identify and refine carbon emissions reduction solutions. JIMG’s products will serve as a qualified option when Carbon Credit Capital clients are in need of achieving reductions in emissions via reduced fuel consumption and superior lubrication for more efficient performance.


Meanwhile, to further enhance JIMG clients’ sustainability, Carbon Credit Capital will provide customized carbon emissions mitigation solutions to JIMG clients, including but not limited to:

  • Low-carbon project development in the form of certifying emissions reductions from use of Jilcat 85 Proline products in efforts to earn verified, issued carbon credits from their use of Jilcat’s products
  • Use of issued carbon credits for application to their own products and services (i.e. certification of either reduced emissions, or partial carbon neutrality via the Carbon Neutral Checkout™ program)

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“This is a great partnership for two reasons. First, we will act as a springboard for the adoption of Jilcat’s industrial products within our own networks and clientele, which will generate considerable cost savings for those bodies,” said Reed Shapiro, Director of Business Development at Carbon Credit Capital. “Second, we now have the capacity to assist Jilcat’s clients in earning more recognition for their use of Jilcat’s 85 Proline products, to the tune of generating revenues from verified emissions reductions. The bottom line here is both companies now have a wider network, surer paths to ensuring real emissions reductions are generated at an industrial scale, and a means of communicating to the world that emissions reductions can in fact spur economic growth, where the opposite is too often implied.” He added.


Charles Grix, President of Jilcat Industrial Marketing Group Inc. expressed that “We are excited to be partnering with Carbon Capital Credit. Through this partnership we will be able to provide business with a complete program that can improve their profit and at the same time help them make a positive impact on the environment.”


The partnership between the two companies ensures that our clients who want to achieve authentic sustainable development can do so both with physical applications, as well as valuable ER certifications.





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