Carbon Credit Capital Partners with The University of Manchester to Improve Carbon Accounting Capacity

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Motivated by the mission of helping small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) to understand their carbon footprint and thus take actions towards carbon reduction, Carbon Credit Capital (CCC) recently partnered with the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science (CEAS), The University of Manchester to advance its carbon accounting capacity.


As the Head of Sustainable Industrial Systems and the Project Leader and Principle Investigator of carbon footprint measurement of the Industrial Sector, Prof. Adisa Azapagic had a conversation with CCC’s President, Olivia Fussell, focusing on the current situation of low carbon development among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the United Kingdom and the United States. Please note that small and medium sized businesses constitute the majority of the business revenue base in the US at several trillion.


Currently, many SMEs, in the United States and globally, are showing more and more concerns regarding environmental and climate change issues. They also realize that their customers show a desire to be purchasing carbon neutral products.


However, due to limited resources, most  SMEs cannot afford to hire consulting firms, or to perform life cycle carbon inventories for their product(s). Thus, they don’t understand their carbon footprints and are not capable of developing low-carbon strategies. This is a barrier that places SMEs at a disadvantage regarding the looming challenge of carbon emissions.


In this context, CCC provides affordable carbon mitigation solutions as well as state-of-art carbon accounting services to educate and help SMEs who are dedicated to our shared environment. Prof. Azapagic affirmed CCC’s mission and values and showed interest and support for CCC’s carbon neutral programs.  Meanwhile, led by Prof. Azapagic, a team based in the CEAS, the University of Manchester, also devotes  well researched discipline on  refining carbon calculations for the corporate sectors globally.


With strong academic support and the use of well researched carbon emission factors, CCC will consistently fulfill its mission by offering credible and consistently accurate calculations to SMEs in the US and globally.


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