Cubreme Joined Carbon Credit Capital’s Program!

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Cubreme, a sustainable Argentinian clothing company, signed an agreement with Carbon Credit Capital to become a member of the Carbon Neutral Checkout™ Gold Program.

Cubreme, known for its commitment to promoting local economic growth and organic fibers, offers a line of clothing for men and women, accessories and items for home decoration.

Cubreme CNCCarbon Credit Capital has estimated that during 2015, Cubreme was responsible for 10.5 tCO2e (tonnes of CO2 equivalent) during their production cycle, with these emissions coming largely from manufacturing. Carbon Credit Capital, as a part of the Carbon Neutral Checkout™ Gold Program, estimated the carbon footprint of Cubreme’s products based on a Cradle-to-Gate Life Cycle Assessment. The calculations cover emissions from raw material acquisition, preprocessing, manufacturing, and onward distribution. In 2016 the estimated cost to offset a single item will be integrated into the price, making Cubreme’s sweater, scarf, foulard, hat and blanket line carbon neutral.

Cubreme has chosen ADPML Portel-Para REDD an “a-forestry” project in the Pará region of Brazil, which is helping to preserve Amazonian rainforest that is at risk of being deforested by squatters and cattle ranchers to offset their products’ carbon footprint. The project prevents the deforestation in the rainforest of an approximate area of 150,000 hectares. ADPML provides sustainable jobs, a trust fund for responsible economic development, and improves air quality with clean cook stoves for the local community. Moreover the project also benefits the well being of the wildlife in the Amazon. The project will prevent nearly 22.2 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions released to the atmosphere over the course of its lifetime.

Since Cubreme’s inception, it has focused on a triple impact: environmental, social and economic. Cubreme works to develop sustainable textiles from natural fibers from local producers, using old school methods of tailoring to enhance traditional Argentinian techniques and generate local jobs. The addition of their membership to the Carbon Neutral Checkout™ Gold Program only further solidifies them as an example of best practice in the industry, which will promote the use of renewable resources.

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About Cubreme:

Cubreme is a Certified B-Corporation that designs and manufactures a clothing line for men and women, accessories and decoration items for home with a variety of local, natural raw materials. The company supports a new vision for the textile industry with the use of local and sustainable raw materials such as animal and vegetable fibers. Cubreme acts as an example for other companies who wish to respect the environment and is willing to contribute to new sustainable initiatives, which now includes Carbon Neutral Checkout™, in an effort to provide carbon neutral clothes. Membership has made Cubreme a promising force for good in an industry with one of the largest quantities of CO2e emissions in the world.



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