Carbon Credits on the Rack: Making the Invisible Climate Change Solution Visible

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By Pianpian Wang

It is scientifically confirmed that greenhouse gases have led to, and will lead to further warming of the global temperature, and that these same greenhouse gases (GHGs) are emitted by human activities. However, many people have a difficult time fully understanding GHGs’ negative effects. Unlike other air pollutants such as Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), which contributes to acid rain, GHGs are colorless, invisible and have no smell. One of the main GHGs, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), is even a part of the air that we breathe every day.



Although people understandably haven’t showed much concern to GHGs (perhaps because of GHGs invisible and inherent role in our daily lives), there is no longer room for inaction when it comes to limiting the amount of greenhouse gas humans emit. The warming temperature of earth that is driven by GHGs could devastate our water sources and food-production, damage and destabilize global ecosystems ecosystem, such as rainforests or oceans, and even destroy our social and financial mechanisms leading to health and financial crises. Positive collective action is urgently needed.


Governments and Fortune 500 companies have strategies and plans in place to reduce GHGs, yet the public, including you (the one who is reading this article), the strongest and most powerful sector of society, has to fully involved with reducing your carbon emissions, as we explain in our article on Small and Medium sized enterprises’ role in combatting climate change. Millions of drops of water make up the ocean. Similarly, large numbers of small contributions can form a huge change that can be even more effective than the Fortune 500’s efforts! While GHGs might be invisible, carbon offset projects are very visible and we invite you to be a part of the solution to climate change by contributing to the further development of carbon reduction efforts globally.


Carbon offsets, or carbon credits, are all generated from projects that follow strict regulatory standards and which are designed and implemented to create more job opportunities, improve people’s health and protect the environment.  These low-carbon sustainable projects are a concrete way to make mitigation seen, in a way that can bring more benefits to people and the environment.


You may wonder, “how many credits should I purchase?” It depends carbon output you generate every year. You would be surprised to know that a household of 3-5 can emit 3.25 metric tons (over 7,000 lbs) of CO2 equivalent per month, in order words, almost 86,000 pounds of carbon pollution will be emitted by a single family into the air every year. With our Family Offset Package, you can support a project that can eliminate your carbon output.


In our new Credit Store, you will find a variety of carbon offset projects, and packages, just like you are shopping clothes at stores. Whether you are an individual, a family, or a business owner, purchasing a package that matches your daily life provides a visible solution to the invisible problem that is climate change.




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