Carbon Credit Capital Speeks at GreenHomeNYC’s Annual Green Catwalk

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Reed Shapiro, Carbon Credit Capital’s Director of Business Development was invited to speak at GreenHomeNYC’s annual Green Catwalk in January 2016.

Rooted in an attempt to address how the world can keep warming caused by industrial activity since the Industrial Revolution below 2°C, Reed introduced the urgent situation that the whole world is facing regarding GHG emissions mitigation and the importance of moving towards carbon neutrality on a planetary scale. Among all the sectors, the building industry contributes about 40% to the annual GHGs emissions in the United States, which also means that it has lots of potential for mitigation.

In order to reduce carbon emissions from buildings, measures such as adopting renewable energies, low-carbon design and utilizing low-carbon building materials have already been taken. Although these measures have brought some positive impacts, after taking a closer look at them, Reed found that there is a huge mismatch between these solutions’ effectiveness and what needs to be done to reach the goal of staying below 2°C within a limited time frame.

Nevertheless, Reed also pointed out that energy sourcing and use, low-carbon building materials and industrial processes (manufacture and construction) do share the commonality in potential mitigation via carbon offsets. Check out the full speech below.

About GreenHomeNYC:

A community-oriented, volunteer-run organization, GreenHomeNYC’s mission is to facilitate the adoption of sustainable building methods and materials by owners of small and mid-size residential and commercial buildings in New York City. GreenHomeNYC aims to be a hub of resources for small building owners, to promote the understanding of green building issues, and to connect building owners with local green building service and materials providers.