Consumers Are More Engaging Than You Think

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Carbon Credit Capital, LLC (“CCC”) conducted a survey on eco-consumerism through several social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and in-person polling), aiming to explore the behavioral willingness of social media users and consumers to purchase environmentally friendly products.

Focused as a company on educating and encouraging consumers to understand and mitigate their carbon footprints, the questions CCC poses give thought as to how much carbon is associated with the products they consume daily. As the concept of carbon pricing continues to be a contentious issue, CCC has taken initiative to understand whether or not consumers are open to the manifestation of carbon pricing in reality. Questions such as, “What is the likelihood of purchasing a carbon neutral/environmentally friendly product over a normal product, regardless of the price,” or, “How much more would you be willing to spend on a carbon neutral, or environmentally friendly product,” etc. were posed to consumers in the hopes of delivering any sort of trend.


While consumers show willingness to purchase carbon neutral or environmentally friendly products, results show the public does not have very many options when shopping for such products. 50% of respondents have had either little or no opportunity to purchase environmentally friendly, or carbon neutral products. Baby-Boomer social media users have the greatest difficulty in finding options, and opportunities to purchase environmentally friendly products, with 36% saying they “Never” have options to make such purchases, while a further 18%, when asked how frequently they face such opportunities say, “Not very often.”

The public is clearly eager to have more options when making purchases, as well as pertinent information about the products and services that they purchase. It seems businesses who intend to do provide carbon neutral or environmentally friendly products will meet sincere demand, as consumers are showing their support for such products and services across many market demographics.

More details of the report can be seen via here.