Only Natural Pet becomes member of Carbon Neutral Checkout™ Program

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Only Natural Pet, a nationally distributed healthy pet food provider, signed an agreement with Carbon Credit Capital to become a member of the Carbon Neutral Checkout™ Program. Only Natural Pet, known for its commitment to fostering happy and healthy pets, offers a full range of wet, dry and raw cat and dog foods, as well as a multitude of other pet treats and accessories that are good for your furry loved ones.

Carbon Credit Capital has estimated that during 2015, Only Natural Pet was responsible for 860 tCO2e (tonnes of CO2 equivalent) of carbon emissions during their Q2 and Q3 production cycle, with these emissions coming largely from the ingredients used in their different Dry Canine and Feline PowerFoods. Carbon Credit Capital, as a part of the Carbon Neutral Checkout™ Program, estimated the carbon footprint of Only Natural Pet’s operations including Scope1, 2 and 3 emissions boundaries for the PowerFood products specifically.  In 2016 the estimated cost to offset a single bag of each variety of PowerFood will be integrated into the price, making Only Natural Pet’s entire line of PowerFood carbon neutral.

Only Natural Pet has chosen ADPML Portel-Para REDD an “a-forestry” project in the Pará region of Brazil, which is helping to preserve Amazon forest that is at risk of being deforested by squatters and cattle ranchers to offset their PowerFood products’ carbon footprint. The project prevents the deforestation in the Amazon rainforest of an approximately 150,000 hectares area. ADPML provides sustainable jobs, a trust fund for responsible economic development, and improves air quality with clean cook stoves for the local community. Moreover the project also benefits the well being of the wildlife in the Amazon. In fact the project will prevent nearly 22.2 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions released to the atmosphere over the course of its lifetime.

Only Natural Pet is well known for their unique way of building relationship and trust with the customers. The company has a variety of products that can fit the necessities of the different pets with the advise of the professional staff. Furthermore they have a program for the customers called the “Perks Rebate Program” which includes special offers and discounts. Day in and day out, Only Natural Pet delivers on its promise to help you find the right products for your specific pet, all while maintaining strong environmental stewardship. Their membership to the Carbon Neutral Checkout Program™ only further solidifies them as a leader in the pet food space, which is often marred by less-than-the-best products and companies.

About Only Natural Pet:

Only Natural Pet is a nationally distributed pet food manufacturer, with reach in the United States and Canada. Only Natural Pet provides a wide variety of thoughtfully and carefully produced pet food and accessory options for both cats and dogs. With an inherent focus on pet health, and corporate and product sustainability, Only Natural Pet has emerged as a clear leader in the pet food industry in both categories. Ingredient transparency, commitment to working with you to foster healthy pets, and a host of sustainability initiatives, which now include Carbon Neutral Checkout™ make this dedication obviously apparent and make Only Natural Pet equally a bourgeoning force for good in an industry often muddied by lack of information and lack of best practices.