Do You Know Your Carbon Footprint?

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By Harneet Kaur and Reed Shapiro

Carbon Credit Capital, a company dedicated to carbon offsets, has stepped forward in educating people about their impact on the global climate in the form of a carbon calculator.

In 2013, the International Energy Agency (IEA) noted in a study that an average American is responsible annually for about 17 metric tons of carbon dioxide from just energy consumption, which is nearly four times the global average of 4.5 metric tons per year.

“Before you can effectively manage your impact on the global climate, you should first know where your greenhouse gas emissions are coming from and how large of an impact you have.”

– Olivia Fussell, Founder and Managing Director of CCC

We often see people keeping a check on their calorie intake. Why? Because health science has provided evidence that reducing consumption of fatty foods can help the abatement of many diseases. The science of climate change has been indicating for over a decade, that reduction in carbon emissions can help to mitigate the drastic consequences of climate change across the globe. It is paramount that one should keep an eye on individual carbon emissions in order to make their contribution to solving the climate change issue manageable.

Who Can Use CCC’s Carbon Calculator?

Carbon Credit Capital’s carbon footprint calculators are tools that enable you to see how your emissions compare to households that are similar to yours, the national average, and the global average.

“Once you know the sources of your emissions, you can work to effectively reduce them, saving the environment while typically saving money, and you can offset what you cannot reduce.”

Philip So, Account Representative at CCC

There are three calculators, customized for households, businesses and events respectively. One can customize their calculations through an extensive list of intricate options provided for calculating carbon footprint. Most importantly, it is a free resource that CCC has developed for educational awareness purposes. Different companies, NGOs, and universities use it voluntarily. Some have used it internally; some feature it on their website.


How is CCC’s Calculator differentiated from others?

“CCC has tried to make the calculator detail-oriented which gives a more accurate account of anyone’s carbon footprint. For example, the carbon footprint of a San Francisco, California resident would be different from that of a person in Austin, Texas. Besides that, this calculator also accounts for different energy mixes, prices, etc.”

– Pianpian Wang, GHG Accounting Analyst at CCC

Moreover CCC’s calculator is well customized for American users since it uses data mostly from government sources, which represents American habits and practices. On the other hand, mostother calculators use general global averages, which make the carbon footprint of a person in USA or India almost equal, which is typically not the case, making Carbon Credit Capital’s carbon footprint calculators some of the most intricate, accurate, and advanced anywhere in the world. This is a very important point to consider.


Value Added by the Knowledge of Carbon FootprintMeasurement

In terms of well-being, knowing and monitoring your carbon footprint is as healthy as knowing calorie intake – making sure you don’t eat too many fatty foods can keep you healthy, while making sure you don’t emit too much carbon, can keep your planet healty. Awareness about the causes and challenges of carbon emissions enlightens one about the efficient solutions available at their disposal. One of the budding solutions at anyone’s disposal are carbon credits – they can inarguably contribute to significant reductions of the gap between one’s current carbon footprint, and lower emissions.

With increasing eco-consciousness, purchasing and/or trading carbon credits can help efforts to improve your social impact and provides unique branding opportunities. Calculate your carbon footprint now!

If you are interested in large volumes of credits, talk to us. They will help you find the project that best suit your company’s needs.


Harneet Kaur is the Account Representative for Carbon Credit Capital LLC. She also co-manages communications for Carbon Neutral Checkout™ program.

Reed Shapiro is the Account Manager for Carbon Credit Capital LLC. He also co- supports the Company’s public relations and communications efforts through its web site and direct client engagement.